Patient Education

Learn about neck and back pain and the treatment options available to you.  Content is constantly added as questions arise.  My hope is that this will be a great resource to educate and minimize some of the confusion associated with neck and back surgery.

Neck Pain

What Problems Do Disc Herniations In The Neck Cause?

Causes of Neck Pain

Symptoms of Disc Disease in the Neck

How Can I Minimize the Pain Without Surgery?

General Patient Questions-Neck Related

Conservative Non-Surgical Treatment Options

Hospital Experience the Day of Surgery

Artificial Disc for Neck

Advantages of an Artificial Disc

Fusion vs. Artificial Disc

How do You Choose Who Gets an Artificial Disc or a Fusion Procedure?

Post Neck Surgery

What Activities Can I Do After Surgery?

How Does Surgery Effect My Motion?

How Can I Expect to Feel After Surgery

Whats the Recovery Protocol?